Is 123HelpMe Legit?

There are many reasons individuals might wonder if 123HelpMe is a scam or is a genuine paper writing company. 123HelpMe doesn’t offer a guarantee of money back. It isn’t easy to get help from customer service, and the resources available aren’t abundant. The site isn’t equipped with many functionalities. Let’s take a look at some of the top factors to take into consideration before deciding on this service.

123HelpMe does not offer writing assistance

The 123HelpMe website doesn’t offer evidence of its legitimacy, but it offers tips for essay writing and motivation. It has received very few complaints regarding privacy, security or financial details. While it’s recognized for providing top-quality essay writing and other types of writing, its reputation can still be questioned in certain situations. The site may have less-than-perfect plagiarism-checkers. So, users should be careful while using the site.

There are no representative for customer service even though it is called such. The only method to reach the customer service representative is to fill out the contact form that is located on the home page. The form requires personal information such as name, email, subject, and message. To request a quotation the customer can contact us via email. If there’s a high likelihood that the issue will be solved, a representative is able to contact the customer.

This guarantee doesn’t include the money-back guarantee

There are a variety of reasons to stay clear of the 123 Help Me, but all of them do not relate to the money-back guarantee. This website doesn’t offer security certificates, therefore when you choose the 123 Help Me to make payment for your order it is important to know that they will not refund customers for payments that are not correct. It is impossible to get the money back if the service doesn’t meet your needs. It is also hard to be sure about the website due to its poor reputation.

123Helpme does not provide contact information via its website. If you want to contact the customer service rep You must click on the « Contacts » page on the homepage. It is necessary to enter your email address, name, and a brief description of your issue. You can’t expect them to respond immediately to your inquiry. You’ll need to wait months or even years before receiving refunds on your funds.

There is no good customer service.

123HelpMe, one of the most famous websites for writing is 123HelpMe. It isn’t as efficient as the other online writing service providers and does not offer customer service. The company does not provide an individual manager, or even a directly accessible way to connect with an agent live. The clients are advised to reach out via an email. Clients must include their name , subject and email address as well as the nature of their problem. Then, they must wait for receive a response.

The security of 123helpme is a matter of debate. Although it provides a broad selection of papers for academics, the quality of the papers is usually lacking. The site doesn’t provide customer service, such as a phone number or an email address to be reached immediately, nor proper guidance on how to tackle homework. While 123helpme provides some benefits but it’s important to keep in mind the disadvantages before you decide to make use of their services.

The variety of resources are limited. provides essay writing assistance on the internet. You can browse the essays through keywords and arrange the essays according to popular topics. They are colored in order to identify their grade. They can be used to conduct research. But, they can’t be submitted as part of a complete project. 123HelpMe offers a wide selection of writing assignments.

While 123HelpMe offers a huge sample of writing samples but it doesn’t have an active staff of writers. There is a chance that you can discover an essay that fits the requirements of your class, however you may be dissatisfied with the writing quality. Writers are not skilled or experienced enough to write essays that contain all the subtleties and depth required by your professor. Althougtitle23HelpMe has an impressive collection of essays and other writing examples, the quality may be questionable. The writers at 123HelpMe aren’t professionals. Also, 123HelpMe does not provide a plagiarism checking tool that’s satisfactory.

It lacks data protection

123HelpMe does not have strong security policies for data. In the first place, 123HelpMe does not provide details for customers’ contact numbers. To contact them, clients must navigate to the « Contacts » tab located at the bottom of the main page. To contact them, they must enter their email address, name, subject and issue. They will likely get an answer to their emails within a few days. In the event that they don’t then it could take weeks or days for them to respond.

123HelpMe has no direct discount system. Subscriptions are discounted for more months, but not directly. It is not worth it to sign up for 123HelpMe , unless you’re prepared to pay a significant amount upfront. They also do not provide enough privacy protection. It is important to safeguard your credit card numbers and other information. They may also leak your personal information. Make sure your personal information is secure by using an encrypted website that is password protected.

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